COMMISSIONS - Painting, Drawing, Digital Art - RegiaArt


We regularly undertake commissions. We are expert at understanding client desires and aspirations and translating these into distinctive and engaging artworks.


PHASE 01 - Describe your aesthetics, send inspiration images, and provide budgetary guidelines and dates.

A review of spaces to be filled, defining initial client thoughts / requirements.

PHASE 02 - Initial sketch proposals can be produced within 2-3 working days.

While that’s happening, browse our art collection to find pieces that fit your vision.

PHASE 03 - Refine and Order.

Indicate whether or not the incoming artwork fits your vision.

Make final artwork selections. Specify quantity, size, substrate and other production options.

PHASE  04 - A project brief will then be prepared based on what client requested.

The generation of full-scale artworks.

Shipping: worldwide artwork shipping via USPS, UPS and FEDEX from California and New York.

Please email or WhatsApp to discuss your requirements.


WhatsApp enquiries: US  646-932-6113

 Or use the CONTACT FORM below.