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When a flight makes you almost half deaf.

Blog FOR #01

I’ve been in Fortaleza for less than a month and I got sick but not lonely.
 Going abroad, I had 3 major fear: I’d get sick, out of money and I’d be lonely.
 My observations:
 A little chaos going on around the city. 
 Sidewalks = holes + litter. 
 Transit = confusing + danger 
 Interior design = no idea what they are doing
 Walls = blank or have a terrible art
 Food = sometimes cheap
 Coffee = too strong 
 Orange juice = strange taste
 People = friendly + intrusive (often they ask me personal questions).
 Wifi = sometimes you find

Have to go to a coworking spaces if yo need to get things done.
 JULY 7- JULY 15, 2018

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