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The NYC High Line or The Immigrants Highway?

The High Line in New York and, and the other High Line — the Immigrant Highway in Brazil.

1 — The High Line of New York City.

High Line, NYC — composition by R. Marinho

2 — The Anchieta System — Immigrants Highway in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Immigrants Highway, São Paulo. composition by R. Marinho
  • The old and the new.
  • Both are infrastructures created by engineers, planners and architects.
  • They make possible the movement of people, goods and services.
  • They are important to urban life.
  • Nature is part of both.
  • One is an old railway and the other is a not so old highway, also with elevated structures.

The Immigrant Highway is within the Atlantic Forest.

The High Line in New York is a park where people experience nature, art, and design.

The High Line, NYC opens at 7am and closes at 11pm.

The Immigrant Highway never closes. But sometimes the traffic stops for hours, due to unexpected accidents.

The High Line, NYC

The High LIne on West Side Manhattan (red line)

The High Line of New York.

An old, abandoned railway that has become a park.

In 1847, New York City authorized the construction of train tracks along 10th and 11th Avenue on the west side of Manhattan.

Street-level rails were used by freight trains on the New York Central Railroad, which transported goods such as coal, dairy and beef.

And it created dangerous conditions for pedestrians.

The 10th Avenue became known as “Death Avenue”.

In 1910, more than 540 people were killed by trains.


The West Side improvement project began when the city’s Traffic Commission ordered the removal of street-level rails;

A plan to remove street rails and create a raised railway line.


The first train was on the High Line — which was called the “West Side High Line.”

The line was fully operational in 1934, transporting millions of tons of meat, dairy and products.

The lines cut straight through some buildings, creating easy access to factories such as the National Biscuit Company (Nabisco), which is now the Chelsea Market.

The High Line opened in 2009 as a public space where people experience nature, art and design.

That’s a 1.45 mile or 2.33 km long park, set up on the old New York Central Railroad train space, on the west side of Manhattan.

The High Line was inspired by the Promenade Plantée of Paris.

A similar project that was completed in 1993 with a length of 4.8 km.

The Anchieta System — Immigrants Highway in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Immigrants Highway. State of São Paulo (strong short red line).

The name Rodovia dos Imigrantes was given as a way of remembering the contribution of immigrants to Brazil’s cultural, economic and social development.

The Immigrant Highway was inaugurated in 1974.

It is the main link between the metropolitan region of São Paulo and the port of Santos — the largest in Latin America.

It is part of a 176.8 km road system and serves more than 30 million vehicles a year.

Imigrantes Highway (SP-160) has 44 viaducts, 7 bridges and 14 tunnels, with 58.5 km long.

It is the main access road from the city of São Paulo to the “Baixada Santista” and the south coast of São Paulo, with heavy vehicle traffic, especially during summer and holidays.

The highway has recently been expanded, in one of the most audacious works of Brazilian highway engineering.

Long tunnels and six-lane bridges constructed over the tropical rainforest, the “Mata Atlantica”.

The Immigrant Highway crosses the following municipalities, all in the state of São Paulo: São Paulo, Diadema, São Bernardo do Campo, Cubatão, São Vicente and Praia Grande.


They both have thoughtful viewpoints about how the construction industry and cities are evolving.

Note: This article was created inspired by my friend Petronio, who recently visited The High Line in New York. Thanks!

Did you have any experience with these projects?

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